Are you going on winter sports? Here are some tips!

What a wonderful prospect! Getting away from the daily worries at home and at work. You are probably already checking regularly whether there is enough snow and perhaps your moon boots and ski clothing are pcked already.

Enjoying an active winter sports holiday is a good idea because it will put you in a state of flow. In a flow you forget your daily worries and you only live in the here and now. Moreover, that flow only occurs when you are actively involved in something. Mihaly Czikzentmihalyi explains to us in his famous book that you reach this state when you have found a perfect balance between skill and challenge. When you slide down on your skis or snowboard, you have a good chance of experiencing a perfect flow, both physically and mentally.


Of course you shouldn't take unnecessary risks when skiing or snowboarding, but too easy is not good either. The challenge is then too low for you, you get bored and you do not get into the flow. Then think about how you can safely increase your challenge. For example, discuss with the ski instructor whether you are allowed in a more advanced group, or opt for a more difficult descent.

If, on the other hand, the challenge is too difficult for you, you will be screeching with nerves at the top of the slopes and descend the slope trembling and bathed in sweat. You get stressed and you will certainly not get in the flow. Accept that you have to take a step back. You are on vacation and not a training camp for the Olympics. Above all, don't get pushed by others who may be more experienced than you. When you have found the right balance between your abilities and the challenge, you feel your self-confidence grow and this allows you to keep going one step further: your skill increases through the exercise and this allows you to take on a greater challenge again and again.


Exercise is good for you, just like the fresh light outside. Your body is not made to sit in an office chair in a stuffy space for days on end. However, you shouldn't go too fast, especially if you are someone with such a sedentary profession. Take the first 24 hours of your vacation to get going. Go for a walk to explore the area and see what's going on. Also important: do a warm-up before you exercise. With warm muscles you have less chance of injuries. A little muscle pain is of course part of the proces, but a torn muscle absolutely not.

Also make sure you get enough nutrients. Your heart is put under extra strain by the great height and the extra effort you put in. Your stamina is constantly being tested, you may not eat here as healthy as at home and you certainly don't want to skip the apres ski. Therefore, start at home with Bergamet Sport supplement to support your heart functions. Your heart recovers faster from the effort so that you can last longer and perform better. This way you can enjoy your winter sports holiday even more!

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